Technical specifications

The underlying platform for Business Connect is a rules-driven, no-code application.

Technical overview

Modern, responsive web interface supporting modern browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Safari 9+

Features of the platform include:

  1. A browser-based customer interface to present application forms
  2. A browser-based administrative portal for councils and agencies to process and manage customer application forms.

The underlying platform is a rules driven, no-code application.


  • 24/7.
  • We aim for 99.5% availability of our service.

Integration scenarios

  • Address lookup.
  • Integration to RealMe.
  • Integration to NZBN.
  • Calling council/agency APIs.
  • Providing API for agencies to consumer.

Published APIs

  1. Get case.
  2. Get case details.

Authentication options

  • Credential based, two-factor authentication.
  • Identity federation with existing provider if required.

User roles

  • Business Administrator: can allocate applications to assessors for processing.
  • Assessor (staff): Can assess and process applications.
  • Manager: Can view applications and run reports.


  • UAT


  • Security certificate available for the purposes of agency /council security accreditation

Support model

Business Connect provides councils and agencies with access to the Business Connect Service Desk and phone line for support enquiries.

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