What is Business Connect?

Business Connect is the online platform where businesses can manage licences and permits from across government in one place.

We've built the platform so you don't have to

Business Connect is one of a range of initiatives the government is delivering to help make our small businesses the best supported in the world.

What you get with Business Connect

Government agencies get:

  • better quality, more complete data – leading to improved compliance and higher quality applications
  • options for API integrations with payment systems and back-end processes
  • a library of reusable components that make it easy to quickly deliver new services.

Business Connect is free for government agencies and councils, so you'll also save the time, expense and headache of designing, building and maintaining your own online application services.

Business Connect for councils

Business Connect for government agencies

Your business customers get:

  • a consistent, customer-friendly experience across councils and government agencies
  • a faster and more transparent experience when dealing with government
  • one place to apply for, manage and renew licences, permits and registrations.

Business Connect for businesses

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This roadmap takes us through to October 2023 and will be updated as we find new opportunities.

Release notes

Release notes for 27 September 2023.

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These weekly posts are designed to give some insight into what is happening inside the Business Connect team and allow us to share what we’re learning and achieving.