Getting signed up

The team is here to support you to get your services online quickly and smoothly.

We can help you consider our product and move it through your organisation’s sign-off processes. We’re on hand to answer questions you have along the way.

Meeting the team

It’s easy to sign up to FormBuilder and start creating your form but we understand that there are more steps included in going live with a service.

We can meet with you and your team to help advise on things like:

  • whether FormBuilder is the right tool for your service
  • roles and responsibilities
  • delivering and testing your service
  • how the platform works and is operated.

We can provide supporting documentation for security, privacy and accessibility to help facilitate internal decision making. See the Documents and resources page for downloads.

Documents and resources

Signing the agreement

If your team or organisation chooses to use FormBuilder to create and publish your service, you’ll need to sign our End User Terms.

End User Terms

The End User Terms outlines the terms of the agreement with the adopting agency or council including:

  • use and availability
  • data protection
  • security standards
  • user organisation responsibilities
  • terms on confidentiality
  • dispute resolution
  • and termination of the agreement.

The End User Terms has no end date.

If you decide to remove your service from the platform, you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice. You will not need to pay to switch off a service.

Download the FormBuilder End User Terms [PDF, 31 KB]