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We provide a cost-effective, robust way to deliver. Here are some great reasons to digitise your government forms using FormBuilder.

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Getting signed up

The team is here to support you to get your services online quickly and smoothly.


FormBuilder and Business Connect are centrally funded to make it easier for government teams to digitise their business-facing services without having to engage in a lengthy procurement process.

Customer experience

Our aim is to make it easier to transact with government through accessible, easy to use digital services.


We work to incorporate the principles of Privacy by Design, including ensuring end-to-end security, user-centricity and privacy settings by default.


A secure government digital product with regular recertification, testing and strict controls.


Digital government services should be simpler, clearer and faster for all.

Service maintenance and ongoing support

Learn more about what to expect after your forms have been published.

Technical specifications

Here you'll find high-level information on the technical aspects of our government product.

Documents and resources

Here you’ll find documentation to help facilitate internal decision making.