We work to incorporate the principles of Privacy by Design, including ensuring end-to-end security, user-centricity and privacy settings by default.

The Business Connect platform complies with the principles of the Privacy Act 2020. MBIE, as the host agency, manages operations on the Business Connect platform.

Our most recent privacy impact assessment (PIA) was carried out by an independent party in 2023. High priority recommendations within the independent PIA have been completed, are in progress or are planned to be addressed in the future.

The independent PIA:

  • discusses identified risks
  • discusses possible privacy impacts for personal information collected, stored and used by the Business Connect platform (and by MBIE, as the host agency)
  • analyses information, and information flows across all 12 information privacy principles of the Privacy Act.

Your organisation’s processes and rules may be different from MBIE’s so your organisation may need to carry out a PIA for your services on the Business Connect platform.

Ask your own privacy officer and legal team if you need to do your own specific PIA. Even if you accept our PIA, you are accountable for managing information about your own staff and customers, and you may need to show that you have done your due diligence.

Download privacy impact assessment [PDF, 885 KB]

Managing data

Your organisation will be responsible and liable under the Privacy Act 2020 for the collection and processing of personal information (application and case data) via the Business Connect platform.

The data an end user enters is their own and is not visible to a government organisation until it is submitted. Councils and agencies cannot access draft case data in any way.

Business Connect is not intended to be the system of record for government services, or the source of truth. For this reason, councils and agencies must ensure that they move any application data they must retain to their own backend systems.

Your organisation will need to decide on a data retention period for the information that has been submitted to you via the Business Connect platform. 

For more information see our privacy statement. 

Privacy statement