Business Connect for councils

We're working with district and city councils across New Zealand to help them provide application and registration forms online – are you next?

How Business Connect works for councils

We can help you get application and registration forms online.

We provide the platform at no cost to you, and we've done the hard work to design and standardise the applications your business customers need – providing them with an easier, more streamlined process, and your staff with better quality data and improved compliance.


Better quality applications and interactions

  • We've designed and standardised common application forms to meet the legal requirements.
  • Forms can be adapted to meet local bylaws when required.
  • Forms are designed to be easy to use and can’t be submitted unless all the information is entered – leading to improved compliance and better quality applications.
  • Forms use information from authoritative sources such as NZBN, RealMe and NZ Post, reducing human error.

Increased customer satisfaction

  • A faster, easier application process means happier business customers.
  • Notifications let customers know when an application is approved, declined, or they need to supply more information – and can also notify them when it's time to renew.
  • Online payment options mean customers can do everything in one place – no need to come into the service centre to pay or submit their documents.
  • Business Connect saves previous application data – our target is up to 80% faster renewals.

Free to use – and frees up time

  • Better quality, more complete data saves staff processing time.
  • Free to use for councils (and customers).
  • Options to integrate with your back-end IT systems.
  • Deliver new services rapidly and cost-effectively – we've done the work and provide the platform.

See the benefits for your business customers

“Our members work hard to meet their compliance obligations and I’m delighted to support Business Connect as a tool to make life easier for them. It would be great to see councils around the country take this opportunity to further support small businesses in their area and make their services available on Business Connect.”

Julie White
CEO, Hospitality New Zealand.

Getting started with Business Connect

  1. Our forms are standardised to meet legislative requirements and can accommodate local bylaws.
  2. Decide how you'd like to receive submitted applications.
  3. Link to Business Connect from your website.
  4. Let your business customers know what's changed.

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Walk through video: How to register a food business

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Last updated: 18 April 2024