Faster, smarter, secure online forms – developed by government, for government.

FormBuilder.govt gives government agencies and councils a way to develop online service forms in days, not weeks or months. Fully paid for by central government funding, there’s no cost to you – and no procurement process required.

Your forms will be mobile responsive on the latest devices, with guaranteed standards of accessibility, security and privacy built in. So you can maximise your efficiencies… and minimise your risk.


Implement services faster

Get working prototypes in days, for any service – with proven, pre-tested templates that can adapt to your existing content. And once it’s built, you can change it just as quickly.

Remove compliance risks

Pre-approved accessibility, security and privacy standards give you a streamlined process – and certainty of outcome. We’ve done the hard work already, so you don’t have to.

Make more of your budget

Full funding of form creation, and maintenance, lets you direct your resources to other priorities, while smart features can help reduce everyday admin and enquiries for your staff.

Improve your customer experience

Give business users a smoother, more consistent experience – reducing duplication & waste, improving completion and delivering higher quality data to your team.

FormBuilder.govt demonstration

Is FormBuilder right for me?

See how government agencies and councils can use FormBuilder.govt to address common business needs – and avoid common problems.

Join up services across agencies

With submitted information able to be directed to multiple agencies if required.

Replace PDF forms

Which can often be inaccessible and hard to use for your customers… and require an average of 8 minutes more processing time (per form) for your team.

Enable urgent response

With working prototypes produced in days, and quick changes letting you stand up (or change) services quickly, in response to fast-moving events.

Support digital transformation

With online service forms providing a rich source of analytics about your users to inform future development.

Avoid duplication of effort

When delivering new services, whether they will be available temporarily or long-term.

Future-proof your activity

By making sure your digital team is aware of FormBuilder.govt and Business Connect ahead of any planning and procurement processes.

What’s the process?

This starts with a workshop – where our team and yours work together to select the most relevant templates, and adapt them to your individual (or existing) content. A working prototype URL is ready within days to share with your agency team, and usability testers – and once approved, the publishing process (and any ongoing changes) is equally quick.

Your audience link to the form via your existing website – and complete it on the Business Connect platform, where they can also engage with other relevant government services. And the data they provide can be managed through our own Cloud-based platform… connected to your existing API… or delivered as a structured email, to the address of your choice.

A delivery time of 2 to 3 days for FormBuilder.govt, compares to over 45 days for traditional development… with no procurement process, pre-completed security certification and a highly streamlined privacy assessment further reducing the time, and work, for your team.

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Last updated: 27 March 2024