Our team

Introducing the members of the team who are ready to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about FormBuilder and Business Connect.

Daryl Pettitt

Profile photo: Daryl Pettitt – DirectorDirector

Daryl Pettitt is the Director of the Business Connect and FormBuilder.govt team. Daryl has led a number of programmes delivering large IT change, and now leads the Business Connect team with their goal to simplify services across government. He brings his experience across numerous industries (in both customer and supplier roles) to ensure that the technology is lined up with the business goals.

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Shelley Campbell

Profile image: Shelley Campbell – Product ManagerProduct Manager

Shelley Campbell is the Product Manager for FormBuilder. Her role is to clearly define where the product is heading and what the most important things to work on are to get there. She's been championing the use of this cross-government product since 2019 when she returned from London via a bike trip around the world.

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Tian Liu

Profile image: Tian Liu – Product OwnerProduct Owner

Tian Liu is responsible for the Product Design & Experience for Business Connect and FormBuilder. He’s been with the team since 2020 and has over 8 years experience in the UX/UI design space. He leads the design team in developing insight-led, human-centred experiences that fulfil both business and user goals.

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Chloe Carroll

Profile image: Chloe Carroll – Principal AdvisorPrincipal Advisor

Chloe has been with Business Connect since it launched in 2019. Chloe worked in a range of roles since joining the team, eventually taking on the Principal Advisor Business Development role where she is focused on supporting councils and agencies to digitise their services and maintaining those relationships after go-live.

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Bruce Wilkinson

Profile image: Bruce Wilkinson – Product Owner and Delivery LeadProduct Owner and Delivery Lead

Bruce Wilkinson is the Product Owner and Delivery Lead for the Business Connect and FormBuilder team. He’s primarily focused on leading the developer team to deliver both Business Connect and FormBuilder products to government agencies and local councils.

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