Business Connect release notes – 29 November 2023

Our release on 29 November 2023 included the following changes.

Business Connect platform


New services live for Ōtorohanga District Council

Local businesses in Ōtorohanga will now be able to complete 6 council services using Business Connect:

  1. Trade waste permit
  2. Application for waiver or exemption
  3. Notice of management change
  4. Registration of premises
  5. Licence to trade in a public place
  6. Food business registration.

This substantially expands the range of councils services available via Business Connect from 2 to 7. All services are available to any council in New Zealand to use.


Māori alternative text now read correctly by screen readers

Customers using a screen reader will now hear the Māori part of a logo read with the correct pronunciation. We have added the “mi” language tag, so any screen readers can pronounce any Māori alt text correctly.

An accessibility requirement is that all languages have to be within their own language tag so the screen reader knows how to pronounce them correctly.

Alternative text corrected for service tiles on landing page

Customers using a screen reader who have filtered services on the landing page will now hear the correct service names for each tile.

Uploads required for South Taranaki District Council alcohol licence updated

Customers will now be asked for an updated list of documents to be uploaded alongside their alcohol licence application.

Last updated: 30 November 2023