Business Connect release notes – 3 April 2024

Our release on 3 April 2024 included the following changes.

Business Connect platform

New features

Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims with ACC

ACC launched 2 forms in relation to the Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims programme using FormBuilder on 02 April.

Alcohol licensing with Ōtorohanga District Council

The first council to go live with the alcohol licensing forms (on, off, club, temporary authority and specials) using FormBuilder.

Online credit card payments with Ōtorohanga District Council

While launching their alcohol licensing forms, the council took advantage of the new online payment link option in the forms.

This light integration will carry the case number for their application as a reference and the amount to pay within the link so there is no need for the business to rekey that information. This can link to the service providers’ payment gateway or payment software like Magiq.

Reuse data with duplicate case

An exciting enhancement that allows end users to copy the entered data from an approved application into a new one, saving them time and effort when updating government on something that’s changed for the business or renewing a licence/permit.

Screenshot from Business Connect customer platform ‘My applications’ section with ean example of duplicate record details.

Duplicate NZBN check with the Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme

Provides the Fog Cannon Team with a view of duplicate applications from businesses at a glance.

Last updated: 24 April 2024