Release notes – 27 September 2023

Our release on 27 September 2023 included the following changes.

Business Connect platform


Helpful pop-up

Customers using a service that requires renewal will now see a pop-up when they have submitted their application. The pop-up lets them know that Business Connect will remind them to renew when their licence or permit is nearing expiry. It also tells them that their renewal application will be pre-populated with the information they have just provided to save them time.


Accessibility and mobile changes

Customers using their keyboards to navigate and complete a form will now be able to successfully scroll through and make their selection in the New Zealand Business Number lookup field. This is important so that those customers can get the benefits of having authoritative business information like their address pre-populated.

When customers using a screen reader click ‘next’ they will now be greeted on the next page by the page title read aloud. This better communicates where they are in the form instead of relying on the customer to start navigating through to try and work it out.

Customers using a screen reader will now have clearer and more appropriate alternative text options for images and links that might only say ‘here’ onscreen. This helps those users clearly understand the purpose and intent of an image or link.

Customers using Business Connect on mobile will now be able to read, navigate, filter and search their My Applications and Business profile sections more easily. They’ll also be able to refresh the tables more easily as well as start a renewal using the Renew now button displayed on the Renew now tab.

Last updated: 28 September 2023