Business Connect release notes – 8 November 2023

Our release on 8 November 2023 included the following changes.

Business Connect platform


Tasman District Council services live

Businesses in the Tasman District will now be able to apply for and renew their food business registrations and alcohol licences using Business Connect. These services allow businesses to use their New Zealand Business Number to pre-populate information and reuse their application when they return to renew in future.

Centralised notifications

Customers will now be able to receive more personalised and useful in-platform notifications. The notification configuration has been redesigned to allow for greater flexibility.

This provides us with better visibility of all notifications and controls in one location, making it easier to check and manage.

Director confirmation

Customers will now have the option to use their 'Business online bank account' details to confirm their authority for adding the association to act for the business on Business Connect. This method is an additional option to NZBN RealMe credentials.


Pre-populate NZBN address

Those customers using services created with the FormBuilder tool will now see their address field pre-populated by their NZBN. This saves businesses time and allows them to reuse information already provided to the government.  

Mobile menu now accessible by keyboard

Hamburger menu is now accessible while using a keyboard with a mobile device.

All static images have alternate text

Alternate text has been added to static images around the platform.

Colour contrast improved for address search drop down

The white on blue failed contrast standards. Now improved to provide the contrast ratio required by WCAG 2.1 to ensure customers can read the text.

ARIA attributes updated

ARIA attributes updated to ensure elements with ARIA roles have all required ARIA attributes.

Uploads required for Central Hawke’s Bay District Council alcohol licence updated

Customers will now be asked for an updated list of documents to be uploaded alongside their alcohol licence application.