Release notes – 15 May 2024

Our latest release on 15 May 2024 includes the following changes.


New features

Form as a link

Government people responsible for delivering services now have a new hosting option for online forms through FormBuilder. Up until now, all forms have been hosted on the Business Connect platform.

Now, for simple transactional services we can let the user click a link on your website and have the form appear in a new browser. It lets unauthenticated users get straight to the form and start completing it. This still comes with the same accessibility, security certification and analytics as those forms on the Business Connect platform.

We’ve heard from teams that they’d like to deliver complaints, enquiries and feedback forms. These make no sense behind a RealMe login. We’ve removed an unnecessary barrier for these types of services and are looking forward to helping teams build and publish their simple forms. 

Analytics on time spent completing forms

Insights will now be possible around how much time on average a customer spends engaging with a form as compared to how long it took to complete the form overall.

Now we can understand the time the customer was actively using the form doing things like scrolling and typing. This tells a more nuanced story than simply the length of elapsed time it took from starting the application to submitting it. We will be able to get a better picture of the customer experience, find ways to improve and benchmark similar services to gauge performance.

Business Connect platform


Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme application form updates

Customers applying for the Fog Cannon Subsidy Scheme will now find clearer eligibility questions that help ensure they qualify for the scheme. These changes are in response to instances where a small number of ineligible customers were spending time completing the form unnecessarily.

Last updated: 16 May 2024